Merchandise rewards, back in style!

Over the past six months, reward choice has been important and the option with the greatest trend we’ve seen in B2B rewards programs has been merchandise. Whether this has been a new strategy or temporary transition from travel incentives, merchandise isn’t seen as the old school reward choice anymore.

This trend is coming from three main decision points:

  1. Merchandise gives you wide range of options to play with. A catalogue can be tailored to any demographic, so your target audience gets a reward selection that suits them
  2. There are definite budget advantages with merchandise, I.e. purchasing at wholesale prices and the availability to have a customised reward offering to meet any budget
  3. With each industry at different stages, offering the right rewards that are appropriate and have reward proportionality is important and merchandise can align to personal or business situations. A merchandise mix can be adjusted to match how much a participant must spend to redeem it and you can still offer rewards that holds value to them

Now, you won’t see a new gift unpacking video here, but we do like that feeling when it comes to merchandise rewards!

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