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uChoose – the Visa prepaid gift card to help build employee engagement and loyalty

How engaged are the staff at your company? If you’re looking to improve annual net profit (ANP), it’s prudent to maintain a high level of employee engagement. That’s because recent studies have revealed that companies with excellent levels of employee engagement record double the ANP of those where the staff are less engaged.

Why choose uChoose?

The uChoose Visa prepaid gift card is far more flexible than a standard gift card. The freedom of choice that it offers makes it particularly attractive to employees that may feel otherwise limited in their options. What’s more, the uChoose card can be customised with your logo, meaning that it will act as a pocket billboard for your brand each and every time it is used.

What are the effects of higher employee engagement?

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Lower staff absenteeism and turnover, due to the extra appreciation and motivation
  • Businesses are more likely to attract new, skilled employees
  • Workplace accidents less likely to occur
  • Businesses with an engaged workforce are more likely to have a better company culture

A good, hard-working employee often wants little more than recognition. It’s one of the biggest breeders of employee engagement, and the good news is is that there are plenty of ways to show your staff how much you care about them. Here are just a few of them:

 Travel incentives

The beauty of travel incentives is that they are so versatile. They can range from a day trip down at the local safari park, right through to an extended break on a tropical island in the South Pacific. This will either give your staff an enjoyable outing, or a holiday that they will never forget – both positive outcomes.

Merchandise rewards

Merchandise rewards are an old reliable, and for good reason. Personal stereos, tablets and smartphones remain desirable items, and are most commonly used by companies as an incentive for hitting targets. Merchandise rewards are also highly versatile, as you can optimise the incentive by value – from gift vouchers, right the way through to a flat-screen television.

Award certificates and trophies

Certificates and trophies work very well on a number of levels. Firstly, they cost very little for your business to acquire. What’s more, when presented to the employee, they will be made to feel special, as well as being able to take home a permanent reminder of their achievement.

 Gift card rewards

According to a recent study, gift card rewards were rated as a highly effective means of keeping employees engaged. In light of this, uChoose Visa cards are growing in popularity with businesses, due to the fact that they are simple to administer and prove an attractive proposition to the employee.



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