The benefits of incentive conferences - 72dpi

Incentive conferences are a great way to reward and recognise the hard work your staff put in to keep the business up and running. However, planning the perfect event is not easy, as the location and activities must all work in harmony to create an unforgettable experience for your whole team.

Why should you hold a conference? Hosting events for your staff is about building relationships within your team. Your employees do their best work when they get along. Conferences can provide time for team members, new and old, to forge relationships with their fellow colleagues. These conferences have been known to improve engagement and performance, which turn creates a happier and healthier workforce.

How do they help your staff? Conferences provide a number of ways for staff to influence each other’s performance. These events can reignite employees’ work ethic as it gives them a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas about the past, present and future of the company. They also create enthusiasm by providing staff with the chance to engage with other industry professionals, creating further interest in the company. You also get a chance to publicly reward your employees, establishing healthy rivalries and encouraging other staff to do better next time.

How can you make your conference memorable? These events should be about making a statement for your company and creating lasting memories for your employees. Pick a unique location for your conference, as the setting can play a huge part in creating excitement for your employees. This works even better if you can theme the entire weekend around the location, with meals, games and activities all coming to together to create an unforgettable experience for your staff. An extra layer of excitement can be added by keeping some details a secret, such as a last minute surprise speaker or team building exercise. The following infographic consolidates all this information and more so you can provide the ultimate conference for your staff.




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