At 212°F we help companies achieve their business objectives, whether they wish to boost staff morale, increase sales, capture greater market share or simply improve the company’s image with staff, distributors and customers.We do this by creating incentive marketing strategies that reward staff, distributors and consumers for behaving in ways that helps a business achieve their desired outcome.

How We Help Your Company Achieve These Goals

We help companies achieve these goals by developing incentive and reward programs that enables your company to gain the greatest return on investment.For example:
  • We create incentive strategies that reward staff for achieving and exceeding sales targets.
  • We create rewards programs that encourages customers to buy again and again.
  • We design incentive marketing plans that get distributors and retailers to promote your product over the competition.
Incentive programs typically offer a reward based on the number of sales, purchases or a total amount brought in through sales.Rewards are usually either claimed via a claim process or awarded directly based on sales figures and results.The types of rewards we use to achieve these goals are travel experiences, merchandise and money (in the form of branded Visa prepaid gift cards). You can find out more on those in a moment.It is important to note that we do not promote one form of incentive over another. Instead, we discover in the planning stages which reward has the strongest effect on the people you’re trying to reach, and then we customise a program to get you the biggest return on investment.

The Incentive Programs We Create

The incentive and reward programs we create include:
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Channel Programs (for retailers and distributors)
  • Employee Recognition Programs
And within those programs, we offer a number of incentive and reward marketing options, including:
  • Travel Rewards
  • Merchandise Incentives
  • VISA prepaid Cards
  • Cash Back Programs
  • Conferences and Events

It’s All About Providing the ROI

All of our plans are designed to help you get the most out of your investment in Reward and Incentive Marketing.It’s not about the size of the budget.It’s about the boost to sales, new customer generation, brand loyalty and many other business goals that we can help you achieve by matching the right (not necessarily the most expensive) reward to your target audience.And by “right reward” we mean the reward that will motivate the greatest number of people to take the action you want them to take.Since the business started in 2003, we have found that it’s not always the biggest or most expensive rewards that will motivate your customers, employees and retailers.It’s the most desirable reward.Our focus is on finding the reward that will give you the biggest boost, for the lowest cost.For more information on Who We Are, click hereTo find out about Our Methodology, click hereOr find out more about Our Team.