Win Over Incentive and Reward Program Participants by Giving Them the Ultimate Gift of Choosing Their Own Reward

A powerful aspect of the VISA Prepaid Card is that it gives the recipient the ability to choose their own incentive reward.

Can you imagine the endless possibilities your target audience would have to spend their reward on? They could:

  • Book a holiday.
  • Makeover their wardrobe with a clothes shopping spree.
  • Buy that new watch they have longed for.
  • Take the family to the movies, or out to dinner.
  • Shop online for the best deals.

Rather than limiting the recipient’s choice of reward to a single store (as most gift vouchers do), the VISA Prepaid Card gives them the ultimate choice in how and where they want to claim their reward.

A VISA Prepaid Card effectively allows customers, staff and channel partners who earn rewards for performance improvement the opportunity to choose their own bonus.

The cards can be used at over 28 million merchants worldwide, giving them a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing their own reward.

Unquestionable Value

A VISA Prepaid Card can also be a strong incentive reward, because its value is unquestionable.

If you give a customer, dealer, distributor or supplier a $500 VISA Prepaid Card as a reward for desirable behaviour, they know the reward is worth $500.

Why Businesses Love Using VISA Prepaid Cards

Using VISA Prepaid Cards in your incentive program also offers you the following benefits. VISA Prepaid Cards:

  • Act as a “pocket billboard” for your business – a reminder of your business to everyone who sees it.
  • Can be fully customised or co-branded with VISA – allowing you to establish greater credibility.
  • There is very little administration involved – simply buy the card and give it as a reward.
  • The cards must be activated by the gift recipient before they can be spent– they are secure, therefore they cannot be stolen.
  • You can build a custom website to match the card – which also acts as an “online billboard” for your business.

One Card – Multiple Uses

Not only does a VISA Prepaid Card give your recipients ultimate freedom of reward choice in a performance improvement program, but it also gives businesses a huge range of other applications.

  • Refer-A-Friend incentive
  • Internal sales team incentives
  • Consumer cash backs
  • Gift with purchase
  • Bonus or commissions payment platform
  • 5- or 10-year Loyalty “Thank you” cards
  • Corporate gifts

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