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The verdict is in: Travel incentives bring results

It’s common knowledge that travel incentives are a great way to reward quality performance and results, and encourage positive behaviour from those receiving the incentive.

However, it turns out incentive schemes focusing on travel are much more effective than some companies may think – and could be the best reward for business!

For those receiving incentives, travel trumps other rewards by miles. In fact, a survey by USA Today found up to 93 per cent prefer travel over any other incentive, which is an overwhelming consensus.

Plus, travel incentives are far more memorable than all other incentives, with merchandise and cash taking second and third places respectively.

It’s not only the recipients that benefit from travel incentives. Businesses implementing the schemes are bound to profit from their efforts, reaping the rewards in the form of brand loyalty, company growth and increased profits.

Travel reward earners report that gaining a travel reward increases their feelings of loyalty, level of recognition and integration within the company.

In fact, according to the ‘Participant’s Viewpoint’ study, sponsored by the Site International Foundation and the Incentive Travel Council of the IMA, a huge 88.6 per cent of travel reward earners felt appreciated by the host company, as well as 72.4 per cent reporting increased feelings of loyalty towards the travel incentive provider.

Travel rewards could also create a coveted connection with customers, with 77 per cent feeling more like they were part of the company after earning a travel reward.

If your business is looking to increase motivation and encourage strong performance, a travel incentive scheme is a proven method. The Participant’s Viewpoint study also showed nearly all travel reward earners report feeling motivated to earn their incentive, at a staggering 95.5 per cent.

Growth rate and profits can also skyrocket with the introduction of travel incentive schemes, with businesses that have already implemented such techniques into their marketing and promotions seeing at least 30 per cent increase in sales, according to WCI Promotions.

Plus, according to the Incentive Research Program, of those businesses that increased existing budgets for travel incentives, 91 per cent noted their sales and profitability increased.

With such overwhelming evidence, it appears that travel incentives can only do good – making them a fantastic choice for businesses.


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