Handing out rewards is nothing new. In fact, it isn’t even new to the business world. People have been congratulating each other for centuries with all sorts of weird, wonderful and downright strange prizes. We thought we’d celebrate these past efforts by compiling some of the most interesting. The following examples provide plenty of advice on what to do and what not to do when planning your next rewards program. Stranger than fiction For our first reward we take a step back all the way to 1691, where we start with everyone’s favourite reward: cash. However, this one took a little bit of effort to gain, requiring keen parties to have a little bit of scientific know-how to claim. Mathematician Thomas Axe was the provider of said reward, offering £1,000 to anyone who could find “true longitude”. We move to the 1800s for our next contender, with Australian icon Ned Kelly bringing his bounty to the table. No less than two state governments – as well as the police forces of an empire – were gunning for his head, offering £8,000 to whoever could bring him down. Next we have one that is still unclaimed! Have you ever experienced something that you just can’t explain? Not only is this cool in its own right, it could make you a millionaire! Magician and professional sceptic James Randi is offering US$1,000,000 to anyone who can prove they have paranormal abilities. Even though the reward was posted in 1964, we think it’s still worth a shot. No list article would be complete without a good Samaritan story, and our next article won’t let you down. In 2012, a homeless Canadian women found a purse containing CA$10,000 lying on the street, which she returned. The owner of the purse was so grateful they set up a trust fund with $500 in it for the woman. After her story went viral, even more money was donated, eventually allowing the woman to move in to her own apartment. Check out the infographic for even more examples of weird and wonderful rewards. The Most Interesting Rewards Throughout History 72dpi  



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