We Help You Select Rewards that Appeal to Your Customers and Staff

At 212°F  we are unbiased when it comes to finding the right reward that will engage and motivate your target audience whether they be customer or staff! The reason? We have access and delivered all reward types for more than 10 years, so we won’t suggest just a single reward type.

Our rewards choices – which may be travel, Visa prepaid gift cards, or merchandise rewards –  we will work with to meet your budget needs as well as the level of motivation they provide.

Our rewards will help you achieve your business objectives by positively influencing customer and employee behaviour to generate the most effective and cost-efficient outcome.



We know that not all rewards appeal.

One type of person may be motivated only by cash. Another may be more motivated by a weekend away, while others may be motivated by the appeal of being recognised as the ‘top performer’ in your company, simply for the good feeling they get from that recognition.

We help you tap into the psychology of your customers and employees to find the incentive that gains you the biggest positive response.

Below our are reward offers, click through to find out how 212°F can help your business. 

We utilise rewards, recognition and incentives to change the behaviour of employees, customers, partners and stakeholders of your business.

Travel Incentives

Find out here why Travel Incentives offer your customers a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience


Our Conferences

Our Conference Events are a great way to network, celebrate major events, align business goals and more.


Visa Prepaid Cards

Visa Prepaid Cards give your customers the ultimate gift of choosing their own reward.


Merchandise Rewards

Find out here about the Merchandise Rewards that 212°F has to offer you and why they're so effective.


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