Freedom of Choice. High Perceived Value

A strategically designed Merchandise Rewards program can offer your staff, customers and channel partners high perceived value in the form of highly desirable items, while giving them the opportunity to work towards the item they want most. At 212°F, we offer a wide range of merchandise rewards through our Merchandise Rewards catalogue.


Examples of Merchandise Rewards 212°F Has to Offer

Some of the most popular Merchandise Rewards we have offered before include:

  • LCD TVs
  • Espresso Coffee Machines
  • Gift Cards
  • Home Theatre Systems
  • Luggage

212°F’s Merchandise Rewards Program Offers You the Following Benefits:

  • It is an easy process for the participants to redeem products – they simply select an item from the online catalogue, add it to the ‘cart’ and we will deliver it within 28 days.
  • We offer you big brand-name products to choose from (as well as experiences and travel rewards).
  • 212°F handles all redemptions, ordering, delivery and enquiries.
  • There is a large range of merchandise rewards to suit any budget.
  • Reward catalogues can be tailored to match your target audience demographics.

How 212°F Can Offer You These Items

212°F can offer you these Merchandise Rewards for your Incentive and Rewards program because of the relationships we have developed with merchandise suppliers for more than 10 years.

Learn More About Using 212°F’s Merchandise Rewards Programs

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