Motivate Your Employees to Sell More and Get Your Customers to Buy More
with 212°F’s Incentive and Reward Programs

212°F Designs and Develops Sales Incentive and Customer Reward Programs. These programs offer incentives to your customers and employees as a reward for specific performance improvements.

For instance:
  • We may offer your customers the opportunity to earn merchandise rewards each time they buy from you, which encourages them to spend more to get the reward.
  • We might offer your channel partners a cash bonus every time they recommend your product over another, putting your brand first in the marketplace.
  • We could even take your top achieving employees on an overseas travel incentive experience for reaching sales targets, creating healthy competition and increasing sales growth.
Boosting Your Business with Incentives and Rewards

We use these programs to motivate your employees and help you attract and retain more customers by matching the right incentives with your staff to inspire them to sell as much as they can for you, so that they in turn will encourage customers to buy more from you. This will help you maximise your return on investment in the program.

We help you achieve this with our proven 3-step methodology:
Creating Behavioural Change

First, we analyse the current behaviour patterns of your target audience and work to discover how we can use incentives and rewards to improve performance.

Choosing the Right Rewards

We match rewards to your employees and customers that will meet your needs and help you achieve your objectives. This will positively influence your business performance to generate the most effective and cost-efficient outcome.

Achieving Your Business Goals

By incentivising your employees and customers to behave in a desirable way, we help you:

  • Enjoy greater sales performance
  • Grow market share
  • Increase new customer acquisitions
  • Gain a larger wallet share from existing customers
We utilise rewards, recognition and incentives to change the behaviour of employees, customers, partners and stakeholders of your business.
Travel Incentives

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Our Conferences

Our Conference Events are a great way to network, celebrate major events, align business goals and more.

Visa Prepaid Cards

Visa Prepaid Cards give your customers the ultimate gift of choosing their own reward.

Merchandise Rewards

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It’s All About Your ROI

Our programs are designed to help you maximise the performance of your staff, the spending of your customers and get you the greatest return on investment from your incentive program. We create strategies that bring in the greatest amount of money at the lowest cost per sale.

Like to Know More?

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Learn More About 212°F Incentive Programs

Our programs work by matching the goals of your business with the right incentives that will inspire your customers and staff to take the action you want them to take. Each incentive program is personally tailored to your business, ensuring we provide you a measurable return on your investment.

We Find the Reward that is Right for You

We do not make money recommending certain rewards and incentive programs over others to you. We are a strategic marketing company, and the reward program we design for you is the one that is best suited to achieving your business objectives. Our philosophy is ‘Strategy first, reward second’.