Boosting Productivity, Morale and Profits with an Employee Recognition Program

212°F can design an Employee Recognition Program for your company that helps you create a culture of hard work, teamwork and competitiveness in line with your company values, which can have a signicant eect on your company’s bottom line. Employee Recognition Programs can increase motivation, engagement and satisfaction, improve sta retention and motivate your employees to behave in a desirable way. This is done by simply recognising and celebrating the contributions they make to ‘the team’ and your business.

How Employee Recognition Programs Work

Overall, an Employee Recognition Program comes down to three basic steps:

  1. You need to recognise the effort of employees who exhibit desirable behaviour.
  2. You need to reward the results of individuals and team.
  3. You need to celebrate careers.

In short, developing an Employee Recognition Program is much like offering a weekly prize to the most valuable players on a sporting team, to encourage the rest of the team to follow the lead of the ‘star’ team members. You need to reward behaviours and values that you want all of your employees to exhibit. Recognising when your employees achieve these goals reinforces the behaviour in the employee, and causes other employees to recognise the importance of the behaviour. Employees that feel rewarded, respected and recognised feel good about the job they do and the company they work for. This drives and shapes behaviour in your workplace, which ultimately leads to higher productivity.

The Different Types of Employee Recognition Programs

There are three main types of Employee Recognition Programs. The program you choose will depend upon your employees, and what is more likely to motivate them to behave in the desired way.

A peer-to-peer program:
  • Encourages employees to nominate their peers for excellent performance.
  • Increases the bonds between individuals, teams and departments.
  • Allows you to use a visible leader-board to create a competitive environment that reinforces the behaviour.
  • Celebrates success and recognises top achievers, giving all employees a standard to live up to.
Performance-based programs are more likely to be overseen by managers. They:
  • Reward employees who make a difference.
  • Inspire others to contribute more to the company, so that they too will be rewarded.
  • Celebrate the achievements of ‘winners’, reinforcing the positive behaviour.
This task may be overseen by the employee in charge of calendars and employee records. By celebrating career anniversaries, you:
  • Reinforce an employee’s value to the company.
  • Build an employee’s commitment to the company, and inspire peers to achieve their own reward for a long career with the company.
  • Connect leaders and senior members with every member of their team by holding them up as someone to be respected and recognised.
How Employee Recognition Programs can Benefit Your Business

Recognising and rewarding your employees for their behaviour and achievements can help you achieve the following:

You can retain a greater number of employees, which means you have to spend less money on advertising to hire new people and less time training new staff.
You can increase team work and morale, which – some studies show – is a bigger influence on employees deciding where to work than money.
An increase of productivity, engagement and responsibility among your employees – the more your workers feel like a valuable part of the team, the harder they will work for you.

Why Choose 212°F to Create Your Employee Recognition Program?

212°F will create a performance improvement program that suits the specific needs of your business and employees, rather than give you a ‘one size fits all’ solution. 212°F can offer you:

  • An experienced Account Director to offer you support, guidance and communication strategies for as long as the program runs.
  • The fexibility to create a program that matches your company’s culture and values, whatever they are.
  • We can create an online Recognition Program for you, with 24 hour access 7 days a week (this could be used to update data, or to give employees something to log into to view their personal progress on the ‘leader board).
  • We can manage your rewards for you, giving you cost-effective rewards that help you get the biggest return from your workers.
  • We will work as a member of your team to help you manage the Recognition Program.
  • We can create a program to suit any budget.
How 212°F can Help You Motivate Your Employees

At the heart of all 212°F incentive programs, we understand that the key to each program succeeding is finding out what motivates its participants.

We can work with you to test different Employee Recognition Programs and incentives to find out what really motivates your employees and how to get them to behave in the way you want them to.

This will all be done in order to help you discover insights that will give you a greater understanding of how to attract, motivate and retain your best employees for the future.

This will enable you to establish a team that could help you achieve long-term success in business.

We could test

  • Cash Rewards
  • Merchandise Rewards
  • Holiday Rewards
  • Points systems
  • Achievement systems
  • Peer-to-peer systems
  • Career anniversaries
  • Performance-based systems
To achieve all of this, 212°F uses the following methodology.
Creating Behavioural Change

First, we analyse the current behaviour patterns of your target audience and work to discover how we can use incentives and rewards to improve performance.

Choosing the Right Rewards

We match rewards to your employees and customers that will meet your needs and help you achieve your objectives. This will positively influence your business performance to generate the most effective and cost-efficient outcome.

Achieving Your Business Goals

By incentivising your employees and customers to behave in a desirable way, we help you:

  • Enjoy greater sales performance
  • Grow market share
  • Increase new customer acquisitions
  • Gain a larger wallet share from existing customers
Learn More About 212°F Employee Recognition Programs

Our Employee Recognition Programs work by matching the goals of your business with the right incentives to inspire your employees to work harder for you. The Employee Recognition Program we design for you is the one that is best suited to achieving your business objectives and increasing your ROI. Our philosophy is ‘Strategy first, reward second.’

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