Customer Loyalty Programs in B2B Sales

Reward and retain your best customers', increase wallet share and boost your ROI
with 212°F’s customer loyalty programs

The Rewards - The Challenges - The Advantages

The main difference between a Customer loyalty Program and a Reward or Incentive Program is that a Customer Loyalty Program is designed to keep and reward existing loyal customers, and increase the amount of money they spend with you(wallet share). A customer Loyalty Program may reward customers for the amount of money they spend with you, the number of purchases they make with you or the number of years they remain a customer of yours. You simply tailor the program and the way it rewards your customers to motivate and encourage any customer behaviour that will help you generate long-term return on investment (ROI).

Why 212°F Customer Loyalty Programs are Different

212°F can develop a Customer Loyalty Program that allows you to rewards buyers in your supply chain, rather than only end-consumers. (Of course, we are also able to develop programs specifically for consumers.) This gives the people responsible for paying you for your product or service a reason to keep you at the top of their mind, and will increase the amount they spend with you in order for them to gain the rewards of your Customer Loyalty Program. These programs offer incentives to dealers and distributors for staying with you and continuing to purchase from you, which will act as an incentive to build a long and potentially profitable relationship with you and your company.

Why 212°F Customer Loyalty Programs are Different

As you know, it's cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to win a new customer, Gaining new customers means spending more time, money and resources on advertising and marketing - and that means more expenses. This means that the longer you can keep an existing customer, and keep them buying from you - ideally to increase their buying with you - the greater the return on investment (ROI) you make on your advertising and marketing spend. One of the core benefits of offering a Customer Loyalty Program is that it is a relatively inexpensive way to keep existing customers buying from you. (This is true of consumers and retailers in you supply chain.) Many of the benefits of a Customer Loyalty Program are psychological - e.g. The Quantas frequent flyer

program may make a customers feel that "I have to purchase flights from Qantas, so I can get points". The reward is not the discounted flight they may eventually take one day in the future. The reward is receiving the status and recognition of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level membership. This type of Customer Loyalty incentive costs next-to-nothing, but it can motivate an incredible amount of buying. For example, in 2012 Qantas reportedly made $1.1 billion from its Frequent Flyer program.(the program has 7 million members.) However, Customer Loyalty points or membership programs are only one way to boost ROI

The Benefit of Building Ongoing Customer Loyalty

At 212°F we help you differentiate your product or service with our Customer Loyalty Programs by adding value to what you currently offer your customers. A Customer Loyalty Program can reward your customers in many different ways, by offering member and status benefits such as discounts, exclusive events, freebies, training, select merchandise, rewards fr certain levels of buying, early product launch details and exclusive memberships, Simply offering these advantages and delivering on them will help you form a stronger, more loyal relationship with your customers. This relationship will result in your customers remaining loyal to your brand, even when a competitor introduces a product that has a new or superior feature to what you offer. 212°F's Customer Loyalty Program strategy is focused on building long-term loyalty that translates into a greater ROI from your existing customer base. There are also intangible benefits to these programs. For instance, loyal customers may be more likely to refer you to friends and associates, and the goodwill may be strong enough to see them stick with you through tough times.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Best customers

In addition, Customer Loyalty Programs give you the opportunity to gain a deeperinsight into your customers. using 212°F's proprietary iChange 360 software, you may be able to create detailed profiles on your customers that include:

  • Spending behaviour
  • Trends
  • Preferred Products
  • Preferred Time of Year to Purchase

These insights can give you a greater understanding of how your best and most loyal customers interact with you, what they want from you ow and what they may what from you in the future. This knowledge also helps in other ways. It will give you a better understanding of who your best prospects are and how to attract new customers, based on behavioral patterns of your current best customers.

How the Customer Loyalty Program Works
Creating Behavioural Change

First, we analyse the current behaviour patterns of your target audience and work to discover how we can use incentives and rewards to improve performance.

Choosing the Right Rewards

We match rewards to your employees and customers that will meet your needs and help you achieve your objectives. This will positively influence your business performance to generate the most effective and cost-efficient outcome.

Achieving Your Business Goals

By incentivising your employees and customers to behave in a desirable way, we help you:

  • Enjoy greater sales performance
  • Grow market share
  • Increase new customer acquisitions
  • Gain a larger wallet share from existing customers
A Note on Our Proprietary Customer Tracking Software

The iChange 360 software can be set up to track and award individual customers. It can integrate with point of sale(POST) systems to offer loyalty programs to retail outlets.

Learn More About 212°F Customer Loyalty Programs

Our Customer Loyalty Programs work by matching the goals of your business with the right incentives that will inspire your customers to remain your customers and increase their spending with you. Each program is customised to your business, and we aim to provide you a measurable return on your investment.

We Use Rewards that are Right for You

The Customer Loyalty Program we design for you is the one that is best suited to achieving your business objectives and increasing your ROI. Our philosophy is 'Strategy first,reward second'.

We utilise rewards, recognition and incentives to change the behaviour of employees, customers, partners and stakeholders of your business.

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