Incentive programs ‘most important’ contributors to success It’s no secret that your company’s overall revenue can be highly influenced by indirect sales channels – but have you got a program in place to help motivate and encourage these resellers? Channel incentive programs can be essential to acting as a driver of these behaviours, with your channel partners otherwise left to do as they please with your product without a rewards program. No sales driver is likely to result in mediocre sales results from your channel partners, so give them the motivation boost needed with a well-designed incentive program! The 212F infographic, Channel incentives and your business, reveals that one major computer manufacturer was able to increase their sales by 25 per cent in under a year by making use of a channel incentive program. Going without an incentive program could see your company miss out on potential sales, as well as brand loyalty – two key elements you can’t afford to miss out on. Our infographic also revealed that resellers rated incentive programs offered by vendors as the most important contributor to success. Straight from the mouths of the participants themselves, incentive programs are identified as an essential part to pushing sales. A whopping 97.3 per cent of reseller sales representatives who participated in such programs also had a positive response, painting incentives as a worthy investment for companies, whether they be a small business or a large enterprise! It’s not only the boost of sales that your company could look to benefit from, with incentive programs also having a positive impact on channel partners through engagement. Once you implement a well-planned incentive program with your channel partner that offers desirable rewards, you may find yourself developing a more engaged, beneficial relationship. Fire up your sales – and your channel partners – by partnering up with 212F to create an incentive program, maximizing your business’ performance.





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