The Big E Word: Are you hot or cold with customer engagement?

The Big E Word: Are you hot or cold with customer engagement?

The two words 'customer engagement' tend to be thrown around quite often, with some companies thinking that whatever they think is the best way to go about things is the right strategy – but sometimes it pays to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it from another perspective.

Loyalty programs are often employed in companies to encourage spend, but sometimes these businesses may find themselves disappointed with the end result.

Did the reward offered really entice customers or did it just help meet the budget and effort requirements of the company?

It's important that you put the customer's interests first and not your company's.

Another important question you might want to ask yourself is how engaged your customers are.

"The best way to create high-performing customers is to focus on the elements of customer engagement, track its impact on activation and performance over time, and take direct action to increase both," said Gallup managing consultant Jordan Katz.

The article entitled Making Loyalty Programs Work, published in the Gallup Business Journal, grouped customers in four levels of engagement: actively disengaged, not engaged, engaged and fully engaged.

All companies aim to fit into the fully engaged category, where customers are strongly emotionally attached and loyal. They will go out of their way to to get a particular product or service and will not accept substitutes – they are a company's most valuable and profitable customers.

"There is a way to create more value, and it comes from fully engaging these activated customers by building an emotional connection with your program, brand, or product," Katz said.

"If you're not doing that – if you're not measuring, tracking, and acting to create a strong relationship between your customers and your company's program, brand, or product – your program is falling short."

It's a good idea for your company to have your rewards programs organised by a group who know how to design and employ an incentive program, and one company that can do this is the incentive marketing specialists 212F.

212F can help you to overcome customer engagement challenges your business may be having, so that you can ensure customer retention and keep them loyal to your brand.