Get the New Year off to a brilliant start with an incentive program

Get the New Year off to a brilliant start with an incentive program

Around this time of the year companies will be wrapping up business and getting ready for the festive season with Christmas treats in the office, travel rewards being handed out and gifts being exchanged.

This might be a fun time of the year for channel partners and clients as they receive their incentive program rewards for the season, but it's important to think ahead in how you can improve or maintain sales performance for 2013.

You might find that sales won't be looking so flash as the holiday ends and it's back to business in January, but thinking ahead and employing a fantastic sales incentive program might help to combat the New Year slump!

Set your company apart from the rest by employing a program that engages and motivates participants, making them compelled to sell your product.

A specially designed program by incentive marketing specialists 212F will help in ensuring that you have the tools you need to energise and cement your relationships with channel partners.

How will a sales incentive program help me?

People returning to work after a fantastic Christmas break are likely to still be in holiday mode, not really putting an effort into their sales and other related work tasks.

Sometimes all you need to really get the gears working is a little something to sweeten the start of the working year – and rewards can really help in providing motivation.

What you may perceive to be a reward for channel partners might not be the same for them, which is why it's important to seek out what really matters to them, with this decision critical for the success of a program.

There are a number of incentives to choose from including travel rewards and prepaid visa cards, with gift cards noted to be an incentive favourite.