Get on top of post-Christmas and New Year’s sales initiatives

Get on top of post Christmas and New Years sales initiatives

Christmas sales incentive programs tend to go full-steam ahead at this time of year, with people working hard to meet their targets before the festive season is over.

Once Christmas is over you shouldn't let your sales drive stop there – remember, scores of people tend to hit the stores to take advantage of holiday specials!

Make sure your company stays at the top of their game by implementing a post-holiday incentive program.

Remind your channel partners why your product or service is better than the others they may be selling and set your company apart from the competition by incorporating a sales incentive program that rewards them for their efforts.

The post-Christmas period can be a stressful time for those employees involved in selling your product, so having a reward to work toward may help them in focussing their efforts, knowing their hard work will be acknowledged.

There are a number of ways that you can get program participants pumped up to sell in this period, with incentive marketing specialists 212F on hand to help create engaging sales promotions.

All the festive activities in December may cause a lack of enthusiasm for the later sales initiatives in January, so it's essential to have a program that is interesting and exciting from the get-go!

212F can help your company in determining what will be the most appropriate way to approach sales strategies in this period, also helping to find the reward that will motivate.

Will travel rewards be of interest for participants? Or maybe prepaid visa cards? The gift card may be a hot favourite, with the National Retail Foundation (NRF) finding in a holiday survey that six in ten people would like to receive gift cards.

"Gift cards are the perfect practical and personal gift, allowing the recipient to treat themselves to something nice, or even something they need," said BIGinsight consumer insights director Pam Goodfellow.