Essential incentive tip: Focus on the ‘appeal’ of your reward!

Essential incentive tip: Focus on the appeal of your reward!

When it comes down to getting to the heart of your sales incentive programs, you will find that the hook is in how the reward appeals to the participant.

Keyword from that sentence? Appeal. It's not always the reward itself that determines how successful an incentive program will be, but how desirable it's portrayed to be.

You may have a mind-blowing reward – trip to the Bahamas anyone? – but mediocre marketing of the sales incentive program may be the one vital aspect that lets you down.

Your incentive marketing strategy is the all-important part of the program, with this aspect essential for creating interest, engagement and participation.

A fantastic marketing plan could turn a prize which many may consider mundane – such as a pack of pens embossed with the company logo – into a reward that all sales team members are battling it out to receive.

For companies on a budget, it will be good to hear that it's the marketing of a reward that can really drive channel partners to hit those sales targets.

If you need help putting a sales incentive program together, you can call on incentive marketing specialists 212F which prides itself on creating an unbiased approach to your program design.

212F has been a marketing-focused organisation since it was established, so its team really knows how to create rewards programs that rouse interest, encourage engagement and inspire participation.

Here's some ways in which good marketing can achieve great results.

Incentive launch

There's no better way to rouse interest in your sales incentive than by holding a launch! This creates a buzz around your program, with everyone wanting to know what it's about.

The launch is also a way of making clear what needs to be done to achieve the reward, with the understanding of a sales incentive program key in engaging participants.

Regular reminders

After the excitement has died down from the launch, it's important to keep the participants' attention with regular reminders.

This can be in the form of email updates, using a 'gamified' web tool in which participants update their progress or engaging with the program through social media means.