Employee rewards could help encourage more customer spend

Employee rewards could help encourage more customer spend

If your company relies on selling its product or service through a few frontline staff, then it's essential that you are making sure that these employees are happy and content in their roles.

According to a report by The Forum: Business Results Through People, employees can be the "most valuable asset in any marketing strategy", with the study finding that customers spend more when their perception of employee behaviours align to support the brand.

Authors of the report entitled, Delivering the Brand Promise Influences Consumer Spending, studied the effect of "strong employee engagement and recognition practices on customer satisfaction and spending levels" at a major international hotel chain.

When customers were happy with "brand value drivers" such as the employees' efficiency and precision in service, they were likely to spend more.

A 10 per cent increase in a brand value driver translated to a 22 per cent increase in customer spending according to the research.

This suggests that employees be offered recognition programs to encourage and reward behaviour that "positively impacts the customer experience".

It may be worth setting up a rewards program to push employee engagement, and possibly have staff feeling happier in their job roles and more positive about the company culture.

These feelings of contentment and satisfaction with the company can then be passed onto customers, reinforcing your company's brand values and creating more potential spend.

Company-wide employee engagement programs can help to strengthen and reinforce your company's culture, helping to make staff feel more connected and passionate about the brand and what they sell.

Employing a program like this can be quite the task, in trying to figure out what sparks staff engagement and how it can be retained.

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