Employee engagement: How satisfied is your staff?

Employee engagement: How satisfied is your staff?

Having an employee engagement program active in your workplace can make the difference in creating a lively and exciting place to work in compared to one where staff have absolutely no drive or satisfaction in their roles.

Australian online employment community, InsideTrak, conducted research finding that only 52 per cent of Australians are currently satisfied in their job, with one in five respondents rating their overall experience as "poor or terrible".

Twenty different industries were surveyed in the research conducted just last month, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, mining and government.

In looking at the performance by organisation, companies that performed well had a consistently high rating on company culture.

This sense of 'culture' within the workplace can be achieved by incorporating rewards and incentive programs into the company.

Staff will feel more valued in their roles and feel their efforts are being acknowledged when these kind of employee engagement programs are set up.

It may even help to improve retention within the company as the incentives help to boost morale and make the workplace just that much better.

"It’s not about bad workplaces, but there are workplaces that are a bad fit – and conversely those that are a good fit – and this is consistent with the important link employees place on organisational culture and being satisfied at work," said chief executive officer and founder of InsideTrak Mike Larsen.

Over 4,000 respondents were surveyed with almost half (47 per cent) rating their organisational culture as good or excellent, while 21 per cent rated their culture as poor or terrible.

Having almost half of employees satisfied with company culture is really not enough to create a positive workplace atmosphere, so it looks like Australian companies may need some improvement in this area.

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