Channel partner incentives: Putting yourself ahead of your competitors

Channel partner incentives: Putting yourself ahead of your competitors

If your company sells through channel partners, you may find it hard trying to convince them to make your product a priority above your competitors.

It's important to keep in mind that your channel partners also have to keep their own sales targets in mind, so you can entice their interest in your product by employing a sales incentive program.

This will see your employees of your channel partner getting rewarded for selling a certain number of your product, and although this sounds pretty simple to implement – it's easier said than done.

You have to consider what kind of strategy you will use in your program, find a reward that will be suitable for your channel partner and also think of a creative and ingenious way of implementing that incentive program.

Some companies may choose to prepare their own in-house incentives, but do these really catch the attention of channel partners and have rewards perceived to be worthy? Or does an in-house incentive just push what a company wants, potentially reducing engagement levels?

One way to help ensure that your company's sales goals are being met as well as your channel partner's is to leave the sales incentives programs to the professionals.

212F is one such company that can help to weave together a stellar sales incentive, that will have the appeal for all those involved!

These incentive marketing specialists take an unbiased approach to creating your company's incentive programs, with rewards being specially catered to the participants and the program's objectives.

Employing an incentive program with your channel partners is also a good way of measuring their commitment to your company.

The incentive performance can give you some idea on how easy or hard they find selling your product, and could provide some pointers on how to improve future sales.