Mastering channel loyalty with incentives

At 212°F, we can create a tailored incentive solution that rewards your channel partners recognising their work. Here we take a closer look at what goes into creating such a solution.

A little employee recognition can go a long way

With the myriad of benefits associated with having an engaged workforce, recognition could play an important role in building a positive performance culture.

What makes travel an effective incentive?

Is money always the answer when it comes to motivating your employees? Here we look at how a non-monetary, travel incentive solution can fit into your organisation.

3 myths of customer loyalty schemes busted

Here is a break down of some of the myths surrounding customer loyalty schemes to help you understand how one could fit into your business model.

What should I know about the benefits of customer loyalty?

There’s a lot to know about building a solid customer retention program before you pitch the idea to your superiors. Here are some example stats.

Why should the C-Suite care about customer loyalty?

A recently released study has shown that when the C-Suite gets stuck into the customer loyalty experience, it can yield higher profits.

How to use TripAdvisor to help your travel incentive program

In order to make your travel incentive program shine, a unique and valuable destination could be key. Here is how TripAdvisor could help you decide where to choose.

What you need to know about turning angry customers into loyal ones

Angry customers can be detrimental to your overall retention program, but they can be managed. Here is what you need to know.

Who is the modern customer?

The modern B2B customer is very different to what it once was. Do you know how to cater your loyalty program to modern, tech-savvy buyers?

2 fictional personalities you can learn about customer loyalty from

There are many different ways to effectively build customer loyalty, but also many ways to hinder it. Here are two fictional personas you can learn from.