How do customers like to receive messages?

Customer interaction is difficult for businesses to manage, with a host of options threatening to lead ill-prepared companies astray.

When do people consume media?

Customer retention programs need to be focused on the right place at the right time, so where you should you be targeting your advertising?

What do grocery habits tell us about customer loyalty?

The weekly shop is an essential part of many Australian homes. How are these trends shaping customer loyalty around the country?

Are you using customer data effectively?

Many business have access to analytics software, but are they using it effectively? Efficient use can bring benefits to internal and external relationships.

Which incentive travel trends do you need to look out for?

Incentive travel is a great way to provide staff and customers with a unique reward. But how are other companies approaching it?

What are the dangers of one-size-fits-all rewards?

Sometimes it might seem like appealing to the broadest possible crowd is the way to go. But what happens when this alienates your core consumers?

Does your company have a “digital blind spot”?

Despite the prevalence of digital technologies in the business environment, some companies still possess a digital blind spot.

How can your brand face changing trends?

If companies wish for their brands to stay relevant for an extended period of time, they must be prepared to adapt to change in one of two ways.

What do consumers want from digital retention programs?

While it makes sense to use customer data to shape retention programs, it’s important to be cautious with how you use and store this information.

Are your employees aware of their rewards?

Do your employees understand your rewards structure? If staff aren’t aware of their benefits, they may become disengaged and harm productivity.