Online retail growth outpaces physical stores

New research has affirmed the need for brick and mortar retail stores to compliment their normal services with an online option.

What happens if employee engagement falters?

Staff turnover is a normal part of business life. However, it is also distracting and can reduce productivity. So what can you do to help?

Do you understand the customer journey?

Thanks to digital and social media, the customer journey is no longer a linear process. Is your business keeping up with the changes?

Should you reward customers on their birthday?

Is it still worth offering birthday rewards to your customers? Research indicates that it is, as long as you make the effort to provide a unique experience.

How is ‘total retail’ affecting customer retention?

Is your business prepared for total retail? Physical stores are no longer enough to satisfy customers as mobile spending takes off.

Customer satisfaction results provide lessons for businesses

New findings from Roy Morgan Research show the importance of marketing to all possible customers to encourage consumer satisfaction.

Should you still use email marketing?

Email marketing still isn’t dead and buried. With nearly half of all emails opened on mobile, there has never been a better time to market this way.

Should your rewards program involve gamification?

Gamification involves using video game features in marketing and rewards programs in order to motivate consumers to engage with brands.

Where do Australians want to travel?

Research has revealed Australia’s travel trends, allowing businesses to craft effective travel rewards programs for their staff and customers.

Could your business benefit from proximity marketing?

Businesses need to keep on top of technology trends to ensure they are reaching their customers. Proximity marketing can help them win over consumers.