How do consumers spend at Easter?

While the Easter holidays should provide a time to relax, many businesses will find themselves rushed off their feet as spending increases.

How to retain millennials as customers

While many businesses focus on retaining millennials as employees, it is also important to make sure they are getting the attention they need as customers.

What do modern jobseekers want?

Job-hopping millennials can prove a challenge for employers, as even happy staff may leave for greener pastures. Effective incentive schemes can help.

4 features your brand needs to succeed

These four features are essential parts of creating a memorable brand, ensuring your customers and competition know who you are.

3 tips to prevent employee engagement from going overboard

Employee engagement programs run the risk of overwhelming staff, despite employer’s best intentions. These tips can keep your program in check.

Make customer service your point of difference

Ensuring that effective customer service is the point of difference between you and your competitors is a proven method of customer retention.

Do you need to sell your products online?

Research has revealed that up to 40 per cent of Australians are shopping online once every four weeks. Are you missing out by not selling on the web?

What are the benefits of offering travel rewards?

Incentive travel is an effective method of staff and customer retention that can provide a unique addition to your existing loyalty program.

Top tips to understand your consumers

Research has revealed two main types of consumer budgeting that could challenge your rewards program. Offering effective discounts can combat this.

Customer satisfaction on the rise for banks and mobile providers

Data compiled by Roy Morgan Research shows banks and mobile phone service providers led the way for customer satisfaction in 2014.