Customer engagement: A worthy partner to loyalty

Building a strong customer loyalty program is of paramount importance, but by increasing engagement, your company can reap even greater dividends.

Why does customer loyalty take on extra significance in the digital world?

The ever-expanding online world is one of great potential, so it’s of paramount important that you seize the opportunity to create great customer loyalty in the digital domain.

What are the consequences and effects of workplace bullying?

The effects of workplace bullying can be long-ranging and devastating, negatively impacting employee engagement, so it’s important to have the right policies in place to stamp out this scourge.

How to both identify and engage brand advocates

Brand advocates can be a devastatingly effective way of keeping your company held in a positive light, but how do you identify and engage with these important people?

Why fostering stronger brand loyalty is more important than ever

Building a stronger brand loyalty will result in customers returning to your business again and again, so it’s important to get this strategy right first time.

Are card points still the epitome of customer loyalty?

Accumulating points via a customer loyalty card remains as popular in ensuring return business, but it’s important to ensure that those points remain relevant.

Mobile engagement is evolving, but is your business evolving with it?

Mobile technology is changing the way that companies do business and is also a great way of keeping customers engaged, so ensure that your firm isn’t left behind.

How important is customer engagement of the future?

It’s well-documented that customer engagement is vital to increasing both loyalty and retention in your business, but a new study shows that it will be even more so in the future.

3 different ways to promote your loyalty program

Three different ways to promote your customer loyalty program, from using the power of social media to intensive advertising.