Just how important is customer satisfaction?

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction is of vast importance, but why specifically is it imperative that you focus all your efforts on this practice?

Is your business a member of Facebook’s new Audience Network? If not, it should be.

Facebook’s new Audience Network service is making huge waves in the marketing world – and it can generate great customer loyalty.

What are the two biggest challenges facing customer loyalty programs?

The two main problems facing customer loyalty programs in 2015 are lack of sign ups and incorrect customer communication details. How can your company combat this?

Video chat: The customer engagement tool of the future

According to a recent study, video chat will become the main form of customer service engagement by 2018 – will your firm be ready?

Three common customer loyalty program complaints

Three common pitfalls for the customer loyalty program, from overly complicated schemes to obsolete methods – and how to overcome them.

Harnessing the power of social media to create greater customer loyalty

Social media is a huge weapon in your arsenal, so harness its power to create a strong customer loyalty base.

Customer engagement and shopping trends through the ages

Customer engagement has evolved throughout the ages, but the human race will always need face-to-face social interaction.

In-store Wi-Fi: Can it lead to improved customer loyalty?

A study has found that firms that offer in-store Wi-Fi at their place of business command a greater customer loyalty than those that don’t.

Are you loyal to your customers?

Does your company adhere to the philosophy that customer loyalty programs should be a two-way street, are are you a closed shop?

Twitter as a loyalty tool: Make sure your firm is active

Twitter can be a wonderful tool for building your customer engagement base, but if left neglected, it can have a detrimental effect.