Australian airline flying high with its frequent flyer rewards program

Virgin Australia’s loyalty program Velocity Frequent Flyer has taken out five different awards in the 2014 Annual Freddie Awards, which is bound to pay off for the company.

US millennials reveal their loyalty program preferences

US millennial graduates have revealed their preferences in workplace rewards in a recent study, but the results show businesses aren’t delivering.

How to create employees who double as brand ambassadors

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When is the right time to reward customers?

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Tantalise the tastebuds with food-based perks

Think reward programs are limited to offering merchandise or travel rewards? Think again – providing a tasty treat for your employers could prove just as sweet!

Employee reward programs could increase sales without need for discounts

American Express say there are other ways to boost sales than using a “discount sales strategy” – and employee rewards programs are just one of their tips.

Love is in the air: An expert’s approach to successful business

One business and leadership expert attributes love as the key to successful businesses – how is this possible, and how can a rewards program help you spread the love in your own workplace?

How to get customers to join your loyalty program

Australian franchise Muffin Break gained extra members to their loyalty club and e-newsletter with a tasty and innovative approach.

Hard-working employees enjoy career success

Hard workers are more likely to enjoy successful careers, and it can be said companys with hard workers will reap the benefits too. Here’s how a rewards program can help cultivate this desirable trait.

Make rewards easy with a VISA Prepaid Card

For some employees, ease of rewards is the largest factor when it comes to receiving benefits from a rewards program. Here’s why a VISA prepaid card is the ultimate in easy.