CEOs show greater focus on customer experience

An increasing number of managers are recognising the need to improve the experience of their customers, a report shows.

Reward staff with flexible working practices

Companies could find they have better success if they give employees the chance to work flexibly, results of a survey show.

Mobile customers ‘not receiving the experience they expect’

Many customers using mobile devices are not receiving the level of service they expect from companies, the latest research shows.

What you can offer customers through loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are increasingly popular among both retailers and consumers, but what does each party want?

Social media ‘ increasingly important for customer insights’

Customer loyalty and brand management are now key focuses for companies exploring social media strategies, according to new research.

Companies ‘should learn more’ about their most loyal customers

Businesses have been advised to learn more about their most loyal customers to ensure better relationships.

Securing customer loyalty

Customer loyalty cards are a great way to ensure consumers choose your business above others, as well as market your product more effectively.

Mobile banking a key factor in customer loyalty

Banks should utilise mobile banking and tablet apps to target tech-savvy customers looking for convenience when banking.

Non-cash rewards and recognition

Find out how non-cash rewards and incentives are being used in workplaces and how effective they are in driving motivation.

Does customer loyalty drive growth?

Customer loyalty is a huge contributing factor to business growth, especially in smaller organisations.