Travel incentives: You can’t always do it on your own

The guidance of an incentive marketing specialist is sometimes all you need to take your ‘good’ incentive program to one that’s ‘amazing!’

Incentive trends highlighted in IRF Spring Pulse Survey 2013

The IRF’s recently released Spring Pulse Survey 2013 reveals trends impacting merchandise non-cash incentive programs.

Australian men are committed to their loyalty programs

While Australian women are much more likely to be loyalty program members, a new survey has revealed that Australian men are more deeply committed to their programs.

Understand what drives your channel partners

How well do you know your channel partners? Make an effort to understand what drives them and what they find as a fitting reward to push success with your incentive programs.

Yes, customer loyalty programs DO influence buying behaviour!

Doubt no more, a customer loyalty program can influence the way consumers buy your products!

‘Savvy shoppers’ expect brands to work harder for loyalty

Ensure your company’s loyalty program is reaching the new breed of ‘savvy shoppers’.

The devil’s in the details

Make sure to address every detail of your plan to ensure that it runs smoothly and reaches its full potential with success.

Back to the basics: Keeping your customers happy

Take care of the basics first to help keep your customers happy and making repeat purchases.

Top tips for managing your channel partner relationships

Encourage sales with your channel partners by effectively managing your relationship with the appropriate amount of support and sales incentive programs.

Improving your business-customer relationship

Implement customer loyalty programs and monitor your social media pages carefully to help improve your business to customer relationship.