Steal sales from your competitors!

Here are some tips for boosting the value of your brand in order to steal sales from your competitors.

Customers – easier to retain than acquire

Customers are easier to retain than acquire and a customer retention program can help you keep your best customers for longer.

Incentives for older employees – for you and them

An incentive program to hire older employees encourages discussion of incentives for older employees.

Why staff travel rewards make sense

If your business is searching for the perfect employee reward, travel incentives may just be for you!

Get your team energised about recognition rewards

Make your staff recognition programs even more successful by following these handy tips.

Are some workers more susceptible to rewards programs than others?

Once you have a rewards program in place, make sure it continues to work for you when hiring new staff.

Attracting the best workers with rewards programs

When it comes to hiring a new employee, don’t hide the incentives your company has to offer, as it can help to attract the hardest workers.

Plan for company conference success

Give your incentive program even more of a boost by linking it to your annual company conference.

Prepaid Visa cards – why branded cash is better

Give your incentive program maximum brand impact by choosing branded Visa prepaid cards as your rewards.

Retaining the top talent in your organisation

If you think that an employee engagement program might benefit your organisation, consider speaking to the incentive marketing specialists at 212F.