Customer loyalty programs retain business, study finds

A new study has revealed that more than half of consumers believe that a company could have retained their loyalty had they offered preferential treatment or rewards for their repeat business.

What is holding your promotional sales back?

If sales promotions aren’t getting the results you need, consider implementing a sales incentive program to energise and equip your sales staff.

New season – time for a new incentive program?

With a new season upon us, now may be the perfect time to take a fresh look at your sales incentive program.

Get your incentive program off the ground with a Visa prepaid boost

All incentive programs need a great reward and there are many reasons why Visa prepaid rewards could make yours a success.

Social media engagement ‘no longer an option’

A new survey reveals that many businesses have yet to develop a strategy for engaging their customers through social media.

Retailers face future challenges from ‘customer revolution’

A new Deloitte report on the top global retailers has provided an outlook on the challenges facing businesses in the changing consumer environment.

Get channel partners excited about your brand

Channel incentives can help to encourage retail salespeople to work harder to promote your brand.

Australian businesses facing employee rewards challenge

A new survey reveals that Australian businesses are refraining from issuing share options to staff as incentives because of the burdensome tax consequences.

On the origin of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty isn’t a myth – it is something that businesses can achieve with a tailored customer loyalty program.

How to combat the winter performance drop

It’s no secret that employee performance often dips slightly during winter, with cold weather and dark mornings inevitably sapping a certain level of energy and enthusiasm.