Kick off your incentive program with a bang!

Incite interest in your new incentive program with a spectacular launch! Here are two tips to get you started.

The vital role of ‘hosts’ in travel incentives

Senior management take the role of ‘hosts’ in the implementation of travel rewards, and it’s an essential role which demonstrates recognition of participants’ achievements and allows the hosts to receive feedback on how to improve programs for the future.

Which gift cards should I use for my rewards programs?

Not sure which gift cards to employ in your company’s rewards program? Here’s the low down.

Incentive must-do: Measure employee engagement

Make sure to measure the success of your incentive programs each time they wrap up to point out where you went right or wrong, and how you can better it in the future.

The bottom line: Incentive programs indeed work

Don’t deny your company an incentive program any longer – reap the benefits of an effective strategy!

Three sales incentive mistakes to avoid

Make sure to avoid these three mistakes when designing your sales incentive program.

Two key ways in which a loyalty program can benefit your company

Two ways in which your company can benefit from having loyalty programs.

Staff retention: the importance of treating your staff right

Reduce staff turnover by introducing an incentive program that offers travel rewards or prepaid rewards cards.

Incentive programs: who are they for?

Staff incentive programs are not just for sales departments. A 2011 study by the Incentive Research Foundation has shown that businesses are shifting their focus to include other departments.

Strengthening your relationship with channel partners

The relationship you build with your channel partner is important, and an incentive program with a well-thought out strategy can help to strengthen this partnership.