2012 is coming to an end… Time to get your incentive program ready for the new year!

Get ready for a new year by incorporating a brand spankin’ new sales incentive program in your company!

Commitment and connection: Two elements your company can’t ignore

Get your incentive program down to a T by ensuring you have covered the essential elements of commitment and connection.

Employee engagement: How satisfied is your staff?

Online employment community, InsideTrak, have released a survey that found only 52 per cent of Australians are currently satisfied in their job.

The Big E Word: Are you hot or cold with customer engagement?

How actively engaged are your customers? You can help to ensure that they’re fully involved in your incentive program by building an emotional connection with your brand, product or service.

Incentive programs to drive business growth – even when you’re on a budget!

Don’t use a reduced budget as an excuse not to employ an incentive program – it could help to drive business growth!

Channel partner incentives: Putting yourself ahead of your competitors

Ensure your company takes precedence over competitors, by employing a sales incentive program with your channel partner.

Employee rewards could help encourage more customer spend

Are you giving your employees the recognition they deserve? Your employees behaviour in their job role could be what makes your company successful and receive more spend.

Get on top of post-Christmas and New Year’s sales initiatives

Implement a fantastic sales incentive program to get on top of the post-Christmas sales!

Get the New Year off to a brilliant start with an incentive program

Kickstart the New Year with enthusiasm and engagement with the help of a sales incentive program.

Essential incentive tip: Focus on the ‘appeal’ of your reward!

The end reward isn’t always enough to keep people engaged with a sales incentive program – you have to create the appeal and regularly maintain interest!