‘Modern touches’ trending for incentive programs says IRF survey

The IRF have shared their latest fall report that indicates what the latest ‘movers and shakers’ are for incentive programs.

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What’s at the top of wish lists this Christmas?

Prepaid rewards cards may be the way to go in rewarding your customers, staff and channel partners, with gift cards picked as a favoured gift in a National Retail Foundation survey.

Don’t fail your employees and customers with a bad incentive program

Rewarding your staff with a chocolate bar is one way to lose staff interest and engagement, so find a worthwhile reward with 212F.

Workplace incentives: What employees really want!

Big trips overseas and other flashy perks aren’t the only solution in meeting what employees want, they also want to feel fully appreciated too – and you can do this without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars!

Simple solutions: Happy employees = happy customers

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